Consider your audience

If you want to connect with your audience, there is nothing more important than understanding that audience. Knowing what they are looking for, answering questions they have and maybe even a few they don’t even know to ask. Get inside their head, find out what they are looking for and give it to them. Do not skip this step. Become your audience, then write for them, and you will be successful.


Write for the reader

It doesn’t matter if you are crafting ad copy, web text or writing a fiction book, if you want to trade that work for money, you are not writing for you. The reader is the one who will determine if what you have to say has any value. It may be your baby, but they get to decide whether it’s cute or not. That’s a difficult truth for a lot of folks to swallow, but it doesn’t make it any less true. So write for the reader…or don’t bother publishing it at all.


Keep it simple

Avoid impenetrable jargon that takes a lot of words to say practically nothing. While this may seem professional, what it really is…is rude. If you use terminology that your reader will not understand in order to sound more professional, you are not being a good communicator, you are being a rude communicator. While there are always going to be industry terms and other names for things that the general public may not understand, your context can—and should—help to define these words. Remember, the goal is to connect, and to connect you need to be understood. Be direct, straightforward and keep it simple.


 Be specific

Connection is not about what you can do for your prospects, clients or readers. It is about what they need, and how you can offer it to them. Whether you are promoting a well-established and understood product or service, or you are attempting to introduce a new concept to the marketplace, it must fulfill a need or a want—even if the customer does not know he or she needs what you have to offer. Internet marketing is entirely consumer driven. Users are typing specific words into search engines. You need to know what they are, and craft your messages in a way that grabs your prospect and says, in no uncertain terms: “You want X. I can do that for you.”

If you want to connect, make it about them…not about you. With that in mind, let’s come full circle with all this. In the COMMENT section below, share your favorite ways to connect with readers…and a few things that drive you crazy too.