Communication is Currency

What you say and how you say it has value. The value of your communication is determined by how your target market perceives your brand, and that determines whether they come to you or a competitor, as well as how much they are willing to pay for what you offer.

In any public communication, everything you say, every print, web, or social media contact has a direct financial return. With every transaction, you are either moving your prospect closer or further away from a buying decision. With every communication, you are either strengthening your brand or weakening your market position and the value of your brand.

It does not matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, butcher, baker or candlestick maker – if your customer is not confident your brand will deliver value for their money, your customer will not use your brand.

Those are the hard facts… Here’s the good news…

You can always increase the value of your communication. Then, when your market understands that what you have to offer them is a good value, and better than the competition, you spend a lot less time “selling” yourself and a lot more time doing the things that put money in your pocket.

What if you would rather do what makes you money than write about it?

If that’s you, good news, you’re just like countless other professionals who have invested a lot of their own time and money developing important, valuable skills people need, skilled pros who, every day, find themselves battling time, wishing they had 25 hours in a day, at least.

There’s so much we have to do, just to be able to do the things we do best: Paperwork, finances, hiring, training, customer service, connection, marketing and advertising… The list of Other Stuff that steals our time can feel never ending. That can be a huge frustration, because we know every hour spent not doing what makes us money limits our ability to do what we love and puts a ceiling on our earning potential. With that in mind, here’s a question:

How much cash do you leave on the table struggling with communication, branding, and marketing when you could be doing what you do best?

That’s not meant to be a hypothetical question. Every business professional, organization, or brand has a Communication Exchange Rate (CER). Your CER is the amount of profit or loss you incur every time you choose to create content or develop your brand when you could be doing billable work. It’s a concrete number, and, because of it, you are either making money or losing money every hour of every day.

Here’s an easy equation to find that number.

[How much you charge / hour] – [How much we charge / hour] = Your exchange rate.

  1. Take your hourly rate (minus other expenses)
  2. Subtract what we charge per hour (depends on the project)
  3. The difference is the profit you make hiring us

That’s your base exchange rate!

If you work out that equation and come up with a POSITIVE number, that’s how much profit per hour you stand to gain with ONLY your CURRENT customer base for every hour you pay a professional communicator to do the work you know you need to do to promote your business or brand.

Think about this: For every hour of work Atlas Media Ink completes for you…

  • Every blog…
  • Every article, social media post, interview, or video script…
  • Every white paper, case study, or book…

Every time we complete a project it would cost you more to complete yourself, we are putting money back in your pocket. Cash you can either re-invest in your business or keep as profit. And that’s only the first part of how we can help you turn communication into currency.

Better communication means more profit

Do you know which customers would be the most profitable for you?

Who are or would be your biggest fans and your most ardent supporters? Is your communication specifically crafted to attract these people? The ones who will invest more… and more often?


Do you know which questions your most important prospects want answered?

The things they want to know, the things they’re confused about, curious about, or excited about? Do you know how to ask — and answer — these questions in a way that will make them lean in, listen more closely… the questions that will cause them to connect with you more deeply and with greater enthusiasm?


As we identify and connect you with those fans and prospects, creating communication that resonates with them, we help you increase both your number of customers and the profitability of those customers. Together, we increase the value of your communication, leading to a higher exchange rate.

Our mission is to help you exceed your goals

A custom communication plan will increase the power and prominence of your brand in your market, help you reach more people, make more money, and do more of what you love to do.

If that sounds good to you, drop us a line through the form below, and we will follow up.

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